Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FREEING ALL SOULS Present in Greater London

Hi Navigators,
If you and your group are in a spiritual path, we like to invite you to our big Project that, starting from January 30th 2015, will help “Freeing all Souls Present in Greater London”.

The Project will take over a month to be accomplished, and will be carried out by the “Angelic Forces” competent in the task. They will give each soul the possibility to go to the light (freewill needs, as always, to be respected) . 
Simply, what we humans have to supply is the awareness of the event, and the perception of seeing it as a positive action. Naturally, by its nature, this is a purely NON-LOCAL event, meaning that its participants (us) can be located anywhere on the Planet. All we would have to do during the Project duration is to be aware of it and to send positive energies to it.
We hope that you’ll join this worthwhile spiritual action and/or notify your trusted people of its existence.
If you participate, you will be joining other people from the UK, US, Australia, Italy and other nations in making the event a truly Planetary happening. In this (temporarily) troubled times, the Earth’s vibration would certainly benefit from this attention.  Let us know if you are interested in knowing the details of this event.
In the light
Rinaldo Lampis
The Planetary Soul Group.
1) In the future, if interested, we could organize a soul-freeing event in your territory,
2) If interested in the technicalities, see,   
3) If interested in the method employed, see in / the book by:
R. Lampis “Pleasant Voyage Discovering the Invisible World”.

CONCLUSION of the Soul Liberation Project from the Cemeteries of Arlington, Virginia and Brookwood, England.

The Removal/Liberation of souls from the two Cemeteries is now concluded.
The Project spanned 9 days, from October 26th to November 4th 2014.
(On November 1-2 there was no activity. That because, yearly, a particular “energy window” forms on the Planet that allows souls - that already have gone to the Light - to briefly dwell in the same human’s vibration).

For those interested in quantities, the approximate number of souls “liberated” has been 3.5 million for Arlington and 4.2 million for Brookwood. More important than the number is the demonstration that a "focused intention” of a relatively small number of people (us) is able to lighten-up (of souls) some particular territories of the Planet.

For the sake of completion, we have to report some “objections” from people concerned that the soul’s relatives should have had a say on our actions. These people don’t consider that, once liberated from a body, the soul’s kinship component becomes rather small, compared to the desire of going back “home”. In that respect, even other human roles (like “soldiers”, “children” or “Christians”) become irrelevant to their spiritual perception.
All become, simply, “beings”.

We can imagine the benefits to a land (and to souls “trapped” there) when we’ll direct our attention to past battlefields, to cities or to natural disaster areas. In the immediate, we can think of bettering the energy condition of cities like London or New York, of present or past battlefields (Gaza comes to mind), or of past disaster locations, like the city of Pompei in Italy (yes, there are still souls there “imprisoned” in the earth vibration for over two thousand years!
In conclusion, we congratulate all the participants for the outstanding success achieved.
As a group, we are opening up a new field of subtle-energy intervention from which we can really improve the Planet’s quality of life.
Soon to the next one!
The Spirit Action Team
For technical details see, on /
R. Lampis, ENERGY VISION, The Conscious Use of Energy;
R. Lampis, Pleasant Voyage Discovering the Invisible World.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rinaldo Lampis: Join on October 26 the Project to remove souls fro...

Rinaldo Lampis: Join on October 26 the Project to remove souls fro...: Join on October 26  the Project to remove souls from the cemeteries of Arlington (VA) and Brookwood, England. Help lighten up our Planeta...

Join on October 26 the Project to remove souls from the cemeteries of Arlington (VA) and Brookwood, England.

Join on October 26 the Project to remove souls from the cemeteries of Arlington (VA) and Brookwood, England.
Help lighten up our Planetary Energy. Participate (non-locally) on Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 10.00 am, in the comfort of your home or outdoors.

By participating, even for only a few minutes, you will:
a)  Send many souls, still trapped in the earth vibration, to the Light,
b)  Cause the energy of the Planet to get lighter.

Let’s remember that:
1)  Is often difficult for many souls to abandon the earth vibration once they leave the physical body. Even more so when the departure has been abrupt (like in the case of accidents).
2)  A soul cannot keep on evolving while separated from a physical body.
3)  A soul uses still the Planet’s (our) energies while immersed in our vibration.

These are extremely valid reasons to participate in this Project. Simply, if you choose to participate, your contribution will be of an aware, non-local type. That means that all you have to do is to be AWARE of the Project and its intention.
The INTENTION is to remove/send-to-the-Light souls still present in the Cemeteries of Arlington, Virginia, USA (total interments 400,000) and Brookwood, Surrey, England (total interments 235,000). Both cemeteries have a significant number of graves of soldiers fallen while on duty. Think that time has come to thank them for their contributions.

Energetically, the definite removal will take place through the modification of the existing Morphic Fields (if we want to use some technical terms) handled by us of Spirit Action.
So, remember the DATE: October 26, approx. 10.00 am. And the LOCATION: Arlington, Virginia and Brookwook, England.
Remember, non-locality is a feature of Reality. So you can “connect” in the comfort of your home or outdoors (or, if you wish, attend in the actual location). On that day you can perform some simple, brief prayer or have some good thoughts. We should recall that sincerity (and awareness of the event) attracts more energy than method and ceremony. Remember, spirituality is simplicity.
Given the number of souls, the event will carry on for over a week. During that period we suggest you dedicate, once in a while, some fleeting, relaxed thoughts to the ongoing event.

Anyway, our intention is NOT to empty the ocean (new-soul entrapment will continue to happen for a while yet). We just want to remove some stagnant water that also deserves to flow. (In the future, we intend to work on soul removal from the cities of London and New York - we already worked on Florence and Rome, Italy).

Thanks to all for your advanced perceptions,
The Spirit Action team

For technical details see, on /
R. Lampis, ENERGY VISION, The Conscious Use of Energy;
R. Lampis, Pleasant Voyage Discovering the Invisible World.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Rinaldo Lampis: Successful Blocking of all Paranormal Phenomena in...

Rinaldo Lampis: Successful Blocking of all Paranormal Phenomena in...: RE: Successful Blocking of all Paranormal Phenomena in Canneto, Sicily. To: All Participants who supported the month-long Experiment: A...

Successful Blocking of all Paranormal Phenomena in Canneto, Sicily.

RE: Successful Blocking of all Paranormal Phenomena in Canneto, Sicily.

To: All Participants who supported the month-long Experiment: August 2° to September 2° 2014
In Canneto, Sicily.

The dangerous happenings (since 2004) of spontaneous combustion and weird electromagnetic events -even ineffectively investigated by some National Agencies- have been successfully stopped (temporarily?) during the period of the experiment: August 2° to September 2° 2014.  

We thank all the numerous participants for having given us a (mental) hand  in demonstrating that NON-LOCAL, MORPHIC-FIELD modifications is effective in dealing with these phenomena.
We demonstrated that Paranormal Phenomena belong to the field of Physics and that they can be handled with the appropriate tools.
Till the next one, cheerfully,
Rinaldo Lampis

For the technical details see, on
R. Lampis, ENERGY VISION, The Conscious Use of Energy;
R. Lampis, Pleasant Voyage Discovering the Invisible World.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thought Experiment Aug 2 - Sept 2 2014 on Blocking Paranormal Phenomena.

From Leonard:

Hi Leonard,
we can start from the end... There are in the area (Canneto, Sicily) since 2004 events in which electrical wiring, couches, water pipes etc. burn spontaneously. Even national government agencies, Nasa etc. have investigated it, without arriving to any logical explanation for the events.
The data is plenty in internet (and can be easily translated online).

What we are saying is that there are certain subtle (damaging, sentient) forces at work here. 
We are claiming to have a subtle-energy method that can stop the phenomena. To prove that, we are in the mist of an experiment that will prove we can stop the events for the period 2 Aug - 2 Sept 2014. This way we can demonstrate we can interact with the invisible world, and show that there are physical laws governing it.
After all, more than any theory, the final results are those that count, don't they? 
Yes, Truth, Simplicity and Love are definitely the Way. 
R. Lampis

From Jillian:
Can you send me info on the cost and what i need to get from you.

From Jeadene:
Would love to entertain this, but not quite sure what needs to be done?
Can you explain this out in easier terms?

this is a non-local, thought experiment; meaning that it can be done from anywhere in the Planet. Often or intermittently.
Whenever you happen to think of it (every few days or several times a day) all you need is to think of it sending "good vibes" for its stated outcome (no paranormal events can happen in this period). For example:
"Whow, this is the strangest experiment I ever heard of; 
but I am sure they will succeed!" 
"Yes, I understand. The sum total of the participants' thoughts will set the positive outcome. This is great. I am joining it!"
(note that you are joining by simply deciding in your mind to do it).

To understand better its subtle-energy principles, perhaps you should consider purchasing the books mentioned in the invitation.
R. Lampis

From Richard:
Hmmm.  Thanks for writing.  What is the null or control condition in this case?  
Regards,  -- R

Control condition?
That there are no paranormal events in that one-month period.
R. Lampis

Hi Rinaldo 
Good luck with your experiment.
What you may wish to consider is that not all activity comes under the headings of Electromagnetic, Cosmic and Sentient. By issuing an intent of ' happenings not to be allowed to occur ' does not take into consideration that there is a greater journey paradigm consisting of the ' perception of our reality ' which enables us to see ' that what we not part of what is '. 

There is a greater force that we live with. This force is the journey that we have agreed to live through and be part of. Each experience acts as a conductor for something else to surface as each emotion acts as a conductor to take us forward.
If your experiment does not bring forth the results you hope for, try and see that there is a greater reason for this which our human logic will not be able to give the answer to. Instead some of the reasons lies within the metaphysical and energetic encryptions that will become known in the time frame that has been written for us to know.
Take care
Spiritual Mentor and Metaphysical Advisor

I generally agree with your analysis; but I also see something missing in your reality. This (greater) part has to do with the sentient forces of the invisible world, which were not mentioned in the invitation. 
This way, issues remain simpler. 
I say, let's arrive to the end of the "Experiment" before we expand on this. 
Here we are working on subtle-energy Physics, well beyond theories or (even my) personal opinions.
Let's keep in touch,